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Attorneys at Law LakimiesCom Ltd

Attorneys at Law LakimiesCom Ltd was founded in 2002. Our services and attorneys are thoroughly specialised in corporate law, trials and other dispute resolution as well as legal services for private persons, e.g. legislation on house purchases and real estate deals, family and inheritance law, and criminal law.

We offer our attorneys’ expertise and judicial professional services with a vast knowledge of various industries for the use of businesses, communities and private persons.

Our entrepreneurial approach enables us to offer advocacy services in a flexible and professional manner and with reasonable prices.

Attorneys at Law LakimiesCom Ltd’s head office is situated in Aviapolis in Vantaa, Finland, nearby the Helsinki Airport. LakimiesCom Ltd also has a sub-office in Vaasa, Finland.


Our advocacy services focus on the aforementioned branches of law that our attorneys have specialised in. We offer guidance on corporate and contract law (often referred to as business law) to businesses of all types and sizes during the different stages of their lifespans, all tailored to their prevailing needs. Judicial guidance on construction, house purchases, and real estate deals is also one of our most central areas of expertise.

We take on assignments concerning bankruptcies and company reorganisations and function as administrative receivers in them. Our services are also widely available to private persons, especially in terms of disputes and other civil matters such as family and inheritance law cases and criminal matters.


Because we wish to protect the confidentiality of our client relationships and assignments, we will not publish assignments or client references on our webpage. However, in order to generally describe the nature of our assignments, we will present below our principal client segments.

Turnover distribution 2018

30 %

Small and medium-sized enterprises

22 %

Other businesses

35 %

Private persons

13 %

Foundations, associations and public entities


We strive to keep our office’s cost structure at a moderate level so that we can provide the expert services required by our clients at any given time at reasonable prices and more advantageously than most of our competitors, without compromising on the quality of our services. Unless otherwise agreed with the client, our pricing is in accordance with the industry’s hourly fees and our charging principle is the time used for the assignment.

Hourly fees

For businesses and communities: from 230 € + VAT 24%
For private persons: from 220 € + VAT 24%